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von Ian Davies Music Journalist and Director of Core Global Media


Sweetmeat Jetzt reinhoeren1Ripped from the clutches of Mainz in Germany on a rampage of global domination, you'll find what can only be described as a solid pulse of energy and originality. But that energy doesn’t stop there, as it not only courses through the veins of the lads of Pushseven12, but is emitted straight through the play button, leaving the listener not only dazed at the quality of performance, but the sheer genius that makes this band what it is today. One thing that stands out to the listener is the detailed story telling throughout each track , yet you immediately get the sense that something very special is about to unfold even before you break the seal on this very creative album, just by looking at the cover itself.

Born and bred in Germany, these boys have created a style that is second to none in rock music, with a wide range of influences that have not only helped them achieve their unique sound, but lyrically as well, putting them into a league of their own, a badge they can wear proudly every time they hit the stage. What has been created in this album is a masterclass of pure genius, and as each track leaps from the speakers, you can almost smell the blood and sweat that was put into its creation, and even feel the tears through some of the tracks, not to mention the musicianship , technical ability and extreme physical effort that radiates throughout.

The clever use of voiceover soundtracks on certain songs from news feeds, swings the mood and fuels the imagination, taking you on a journey through the very essence of the song, either live or from the studio, leaving you thoughtful in ways that tempt the eyes away from the ears. Along with this, the guys have not been short of ideas, as their use of effects through this album maintains the gritty edge that is ever present in their persona, and takes each track through its paces leaving ones thought processes twitching on the floor.
The tight delivery performed on this album hits the target every time with precise and timely accuracy, with effortless syncopation that supports the dynamic of this band beautifully.

Roman Scherer has an incredible vocal range as lead vocalist for this band, and this is displayed throughout this album with a very melodic soothing tone that packs a punch throughout, yet the horns are unleashed in all the right places as he takes you on a journey through a collection of amazing lyrics that truly tell the story of each track beautifully.
Roman is inspired a wide range of artists including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More and Deep Purple which is pulled off perfectly in his style and performance in the studio or even live on stage, yet there is a certain feel about his voice that is reminiscent of Nickelback. Roman learnt guitar at the tender age of 14 and started performing at 15, but when the lead singer quit, he drew the short straw and was fast tracked straight into the lead vocal position, a decision that was not only out of his control, but soon evolved into the best move of his life. Dean Sonsalla certainly takes his guitar through its paces earning him his position as lead guitarist, and had his work cut out for him creating his powerful sound when his inspirations comes from such bands as AC/DC, Metallica, Van Halen, Judas Priest, Madball and Agnostic Front. His crunching riffs certainly jump start every track with a punch that literally grabs you by the scruff and throws you to the floor with mind-blowing attitude and he certainly owns it, when you see him unleash his axe live on stage.
Dean first picked up a guitar at 15 and spent his time perfecting his style into the awesome sound you hear today.

Ingo Martin cut his teeth on the bass by listening to U2, Dream Theater, Metallica, Alter Bridge and Vollbeat, which is evident when you hear what springs to life at a gig or on this album, as he sets the pace with his wing man on the drums, creating a perfect marriage in the rhythm section. His dynamic performance certainly has you pinned to the wall as he takes his bass through its paces hitting you hard, blow after blow in resonating action. Originally Ingo played the French Horn in his early teens, but soon went on to learning the classical guitar by the time he was 14. At the age of 17 a bass player of a band her knew quit and left his equipment, so Ingo helped out and liked it, and the rest is history.

Michael Gerlach , Ingo's partner in crime takes no prisoners as he stokes the fire in the engine room, steering the Pushseven12 machine to the limits, with a drumming style that not only leaves you breathless, but punching the air wanting more. All this is delivered effortlessly as he presents you with fill after fill of action packed mayhem yet with a tight rein on business, which is hardly surprising when he is influenced by The Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro and Blink 182. Michael learnt his craft at 7 years old but didn’t join a band until he was 16. To some maybe this might be a long time, but good things come to those who wait, and we all should be grateful he did, in what we hear today.
As a band the guys find it hard to nail a definitive influence to their action as usually most tracks stem from Deans thrash inspired riffs, which spurs Roman on to trying to craft his vocals around something that might of come from The Talking Heads.
Their main influence as it seems obvious to any listener is bouncing off each other and their individual musical experiences from the past.
The boys all live in the Rhine area of Germany, a place where they all meet and also rehearse, a beautiful part of the world that certainly reflects in their music.

Pushseven12 formed in July 2012, which is where their name comes from, with the word push highlighting the constant pushing of their music since that fateful day. They are still yet to play with any big names, but seriously, these guys need to get on support with a major act in the industry, because when they do, it wont be long before they jump the gate into the mainstream themselves. But to show their constant dedication to the cause, their only form of relaxation is more music, a well respected trait that can only accelerate them further towards their goal. The lads are very humble when it comes to their music and have no political or religious views or are in any other way dogmatic. So when asked "have you anything else you would like to tell the listener or reader", their only reply was, "we hope you enjoy it".

The next job is to try and get these guys to the U.K. and prescribe you with a piece of medicine that will see you well for the rest of your life. The atmosphere these guys create is explosive to say the least to such a degree that you will be left shell shocked and chomping at the bit at the end of any gig wanting more. I see good things unfolding over the next few years, and this is just the beginning. Long may it continue for Pushseven12 are here to stay.

My score.....10 /10

My suggestion......

If ever there were three tracks to tempt you into buying this E.P. they would be "The Bachelor", "Bleeding" and "The End In Friend".

Ian Davies
Music Journalist
CORE Global Media






stripe grunge

Krachende Riffs und Melodien, die im Ohr bleiben: Pushseven12 finden ihren Sound zwischen Rock, Metal und Alternative. Die vier Musiker aus dem Rhein-Main-Gebiet haben sich trotz – oder vielleicht gerade wegen – ganz unterschiedlicher musikalischer Einflüsse gefunden.

Jeder der vier kann auf reichlich Erfahrungen zurückblicken: bei internationalen Festivals, bei zahlreichen Auftritten auf großen und auf kleinen Bühnen und bei verschiedensten Studioproduktionen.

Dabei kommt jeder der vier musikalisch aus einer anderen Richtung. Zusammen verbinden sie ihre individuellen Vorlieben zu einer wuchtigen Mischung, die man am besten laut und live hört.

Roman Scherer (voc/git)
Dean Sonsalla (git)
Ingo Martin (bass)
Michael Gerlach (drums)


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