STORMZONE Add Third Guitarist To Line-Up For Upcoming Live Shows

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STORMZONE Add Third Guitarist To Line-Up For Upcoming Live Shows

Ireland's Stormzone has checekd in with BraveWords, offering the following update:

"Having just released our 5th album, Seven Sins, we have now added a third guitarist Steve Doherty to the band, expanding Stormzone to a 6-piece to cope with the demands of faithfully recreating the music from Seven Sins live on stage.
Seven Sins has been getting excellent reviews since it's August release and Stormzone has also managed to achieve important exposure with features in European metal websites and magazines including the very influential Metal Hammer magazine. This has significally increased the band's profile around Europe and beyond. 

Main focal points for the new stormzone 6-piece line-up are:

- New video for Seven Sins album track 'Another Rainy Night', currently under production and set for release mid-November.

- Continuing to rehearse and develop a unique stage show with the additional Stormzone personnel in order to build visually on what has been a widely well received new album!

- Building on the 'track-by-track' description videos to give people a detailed insight into the characters and motives involved in the adventures contained on 'Seven Sins'.

- Developing further Dr Dealer's universe, creating further exploits and circumstances for his traveling emporium and adding more gifted personalities to his Abandoned Souls carnival.

- Exploring all possibilities with regards to playing live where and when possible in order to let metal fans in Europe see the new bigger Stormzone line-up and hear an extended set featuring songs from all 5 Stormzone albums!
It all kicks off with a special Halloween album launch on October 31st in the reknowned Diamond Rock Club in Northern Ireland. The band then plans to launch into a series of UK dates before embarking on a Christmas tour of Spain."
Seven Sins was released on August 3rd via Metal Nations Records. Recorded at FireMachine studios and produced by guitarist Steve Moore, Seven Sins combines all the elements expected from Stormzone and the classic heavy metal genre, powerful guitars, soaring vocals and crunching bass and drums wrapped with classic melodies.

Every day for twelve days leading up to the August 3rd release, the band released a daily video with vocalist John Harv Harbinson describing the stories behind the songs. The first thee clips can be seen below.

In another promotional twist, the actual Seven Sins are written in a certain order highlighted within the pages of the new album's booklet. Those armed with the correct order can then go to where they can enter each sin individually onto Dr Dealer's Cursed Ladder. If the Seven Sins are successfully added in the order contained inside the booklet, a key will appear enabling you to download a further four songs not contained on the album. People can have a go even if they haven't bought the album, but if they get it wrong, well, it's not called the Cursed Ladder for nothing. More here.

Set in the 18th century, the album tells the story of the mysterious Dr Dealer, his travelling troupe of various gifted misfits and the Seven Sins Emporium into which he invites men to test their resolve and strength. A story with layers upon layers, it is unarguably the most ambitious Stormzone record to date, unified with a theme, Seven Sins is the very first Stormzone concept album. A difficult feat for most, but a challenge vocalist, lyricist and founding member John ‘Harv’ Harbinson embraced. “It's hard to describe Seven Sins in one paragraph… the story-line is so complex. It's a very dark subject. It’s touch and go at times with regards to how far you can go with it, but at the end of it all there's hope.”

As well as the 12 album tracks there is more. The physical CD booklet includes a code within its pages and fans will have the opportunity to enter it into the official Stormzone website,, and if they get the order correct they can download a further four brand new songs not available on the album.

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